My friends got fed up with Apex Legends, so we are back to playing HotS sometimes.

I still play MTG Arena. Since the release of WAR I have been enjoying Niv Mizzet, Reborn jank deck and Nissatron. I also made my first real RDW.

As War Eternal released I went back to Guild Wars 2, but I only did the first story instance.

I revisited Katawa Shoujo and played Emi's route.

Games I've played

MTG: Arena - On the first day of 2019 I finished the new player quests, becoming a Magic player. I wish I discovered Magic sooner.

Hearthstone - Came back after a pause. My favourite deck right now is Evenlock.

Heroes of the Storm - Bye bye HotS, it was a fun time.

Guild Wars 2 - I play occasionally, mostly when a new story episode comes out.

VA-11 Hall-A - I loved this one. Cyberpunk esthetic and mixing coctails.

Stardew Valley - It's really easy to loose a lot of time playing this. You just think "Just one more (ingame) day.", suddenly you have been playing for hours.

Katawa shoujo - Played this a while ago. I might finish the routes I never did one day.

Starbound - It won't run on my pc anymore, no idea why.

Everlasting Summer - I actually 100% finished this and even played some mod (propably the only english translated one).

Bastion - I really enjoyed this game, especially the soundtrack. I still sometimes listen to it.